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About Us

I-infotech Business Solution (IBS) is a private company incorporated under the laws of Bangladesh in October 2017. IBS is an Information Communications Technology-based solution provider to a wide range of industries including the public and private sectors. IBS develops agile products that increase information efficiency enabling users to quickly make decisions and respond to their company’s constantly changing needs. Specifically, IBS focuses on delivering optimized solutions that add value to the organization’s production processes that help reduce the costs of service delivery.

In keeping up with the changing digital technology landscape, IBS invests in research and development to develop original software products in-house based on market needs and trends. As a result, most IBS solutions are considered to be ahead of the curve while adaptable today. IBS is Bangladesh’s first cloud services provider with both Public and Private cloud installations in Bangladesh.



We’re dedicated to giving you the best service possible and we’ll prove it . We have a reputation in this field, we get success in our every project and clients are satisfied with us. You can rely on us as we work based on a written contract. We have experts who are highly skilled and always updated their knowledge about the international business. We respect your requirements and honestly try to satisfy your demand.


We develop any type of customized software using the latest language. We have new ideas that can make your work easier. We offer different types of customized software which will reduce your work time. We think globally and are always up to date with the global business.


We work based on contract. We deliver the product before the contracted time. If you want extra requirements besides the contract, we will need extra time. We focus on your requirements and time and try our best to give you a perfect product that will satisfy you. As we developed web-based software, you can get service very easily from us. Be with us and get the best service.